Leadership Development

What does a helicopter and leadership have in common? Leaders must be able to swiftly change perspectives. From high up we can see the whole system, with its strengths, weaknesses, and constraints. At the same time we have to be capable of full immersion, if necessary on the spot, with the right solutions at hand.

To us, leadership isn’t necessarily linked to position, it is rather an attitude, skills and behaviour. A good leader has an eye for the overall context in the system and adapts his/her style to the challenges of the specific situation.

We design leadership development programs for all hierarchy levels, the programs can go from one day to multiple-module programs that run over a year or longer. They go far beyond classical classroom trainings, e.g. we ensure transfer into the daily work environment, by using our own case studies and telephone coachings.

Together with you, we develop tailor-made solutions that are effective.

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