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We act out of conviction and according to clear principles, with the aim of optimising people and organisations. We are the first choice for tailor-made services for leading the people side of change.

change factory Munich


We get to the point and engage, yet we never lose sight of the bigger picture.


We are passionate consultants, trainers and coaches, yet we are not brainwashers.


We say what we think and do what we say, yet we maintain a sense for proper timing.


We call things by their real names, yet we respect different ideas and perspectives.


We are unconventional and creative, yet we are not freaks disconnected from reality.


We strive for fair and jointly made solutions, yet we are not »cuddlers«.

Our Consultants

We make sure that our customers tackle and implement their relevant changes. That’s how we make organisations and above all people even better and fit for the future.

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