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» What is, may be, and what may be, can change. «
(Werner Bock)

Britta von Dobschütz

Senior Consultant

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Work Focus

Introduction of new working methods and working environments, e.g. New Work, Hybrid Working Culture, Mindfulness-based Culture
Systemic support of change and transformation projects (agile, international)
Consulting and team development of top management of corporations, medium-sized companies and start-ups
Development and implementation of leadership development programs
Executive Coaching
Personality development of managers

Additional Training

  • Systemic consultant in organizations (Institute for Systemic Consulting, Wiesloch)
  • Certified Coach, ICF International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI The Coaches Training Institute San Rafael/USA)
  • Teacher for MBSR - Mindfulness-based-Stress-Reduction (Institute for Mindfulness and Stress Management)
  • Communication consultant (Schulz von Thun)
  • 3 years transactional analysis
  • Senior Project Manager Level C, IPMA International Project Management Association
  • Zertifizierung in INSIGHTS, in LPE Leadership Potential Evaluation (Cevey)
  • Diamond Approach for 15 years
  • Diamond Approach for 15 yearsContinuous quality control through supervision, Klaus Eidenschink/ Hephaistos Coaching Institut, Munich
  • Certified trainer for personality model, LINC

Project experience (selection)

  • Change and cultural development of the corporate client business of a major bank towards agile self-determined work (New Work)
  • Support in the introduction of new working environments and the conscious design of collaboration
  • Cultural support of a merger of an international chip manufacturer with a company from Silicon Valley
  • Assessment of the leadership potential of executives and 1:1 support for potential development
  • Supporting start-ups in coping with massive international growth
  • Change support of an IT transformation (international ERP implementation)
  • New Work Culture development of an international personnel consultancy

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