Management Team Agility Camp

A vuca (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment has become an integral part of the daily business. Management teams can‘t just rely on recipes of the past. Our Agility Camp provides your team the space to reflect in order to emerge as a better team- ready for tomorrow‘s business challenges.

The Agility Camp is the ideal action & reflection format for your management team, if you…

  • want more agility in your team to cope with complex situations
  • are faced with concrete challenges (e.g. reorganizations, new team composition…)
  • want to improve your cooperation in order to raise your efficiency
  • sense that you have more potential as a team

A great mix of insights, authentic dialogs & discussions, eye-opening exercises and reflections


Individual in-depth interviews (ca. 30-45 min.) with each team member on their perspective

Workshop (1-2 days)

  • The mirror: Presentation and interpretation of the interview results
  • Open Words: How we work(ed) together
  • Dare to dream: What‘s our „Team 2.0“?
  • Focus: Our essential issues & goals
  • A goal without a plan is just a wish: What we need from each other to reach the goals
  • Sorting the wheat from the chaff: Keeping the right stuff and getting rid of ballast
  • Focussing on strengths: How to best use our individual strengths
  • Feedback & Feed Forward
  • Clarity, orientation & motivation to lead the changes ahead
  • Sincere commitment to the key issues and how to master them
  • Focused energy on the right topics and liberation from old ballast
  • Mutual appreciation & strength-based handling of diversity

What our clients say:

„The Agility Camp had a lasting effect on our team: Due to the open and constructive conversation culture we could finally get rid of old ballast and focus on the right issues.“

Area manager R&D, high tech company

„When our facilitator presented the interview results, he used metaphores and catchy pictures to show off
the dynamics in our team. They still stick in our mind and help us to reflect our collaboration regularly.“

Head of marketing, FMCG company

„I never thought that one day of Agility Camp would move so many positive things in our team. Fortunately I was wrong!“

CEO, retail company